5 wonderful ways in which Orval’s Dog2Dog Outreach helps homeless dogs!

Hi there, this is Orval asking for your help supporting pets living with homeless people in the Phoenix metro area.

Orval van der Stroom
Orval van der Stroom

Progress Through Photography’s Chief Canine Office and treat tester.

Why Orval’s Dog2Dog Outreach ?

In 2019, I was only a couple of months old when he moved from his old house on the farm to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe. It is true what you’ve heard… I’m a cattle dog afraid of the cows. In the shelter, I met my forever family and now I have a comfy couch, four felines and an unlimited supply of peanut butter. But I know many dogs are not that lucky. They live on the street with their homeless humans, loyally protecting them from the dangers of the streets and loving them unconditionally. There had to be a way to help the homeless of Phoenix.

Therefore, my pack and I have decided it is time to give back and support these dogs with some extra help. We have started a bonfire campaign and sell t-shirts.

What will happen with the profits of the campaign?

The campaign will support the pets of homeless community in the Phoenix metro area with safety gear, toys, food and funds for medical care.

Why the above ?

Safety gear, because the streets are busy and dark. We want dogs to stay as safe as possible.

Toys, because dogs love toys, but their humans are often facing huge financial hardship and they simply cannot prioritize to buy toys for their canine companion.

Food, because it’s a dogs best friend… and we often hear that homeless owners will forego their own meal to feed their dog.

Medical bills, because we want to reduce stress on dog owners that already have financial hardship and we want to ensure that the family can tay together.

Depending on the type and quantity of shirts sold, the campaign generates ~3-5 USD profit per shirt. If we generate $ 500 profit (~ 100 shirts) we can:


9 LED armbands, 24 reflective leashes, 10 dog toy, $100 worth of dog food, and hand them out to dogs in need in the Phoenix parks. PLUS, we can help homeless dog owners by funding veterinary bills for $200.If you can’t help by buying a shirt, please share this message to help us reach our goal !

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