Come see this ! Artwork of the week: October 14th, 2020

Welcome to our weekly artwork of the week series that showcases our most unique and popular wall art products. This week we feature one of the many digital artworks in our store: Sunset at the Mont-Saint-Michel.

What does this artwork show ?

This artwork can be downloaded for less than $ 10 and will look great on your desktop or as a background for your Zoom meeting. It shows, as the title makes clear, the Mont-Saint-Michel in France, a tidal island with an abbey. The original site was founded by an Irish hermit, who gathered a following from the local community. From roughly the fifth to the eighth century, Mont Saint-Michel belonged to the territory of Neustria and, in the early ninth century, was an important place in the marches of Neustria.

How was this Mont-Saint-Michel artwork created ?

When we visited this place in 2017, the weather was not cooperating at all. The light changed from sun to almost darkness within minutes due to the storms rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean. I decided to wait it out and hope for the perfect light, which came just before sunset. Only minutes later it started raining.

Why buy this Mont-Saint-Michel artwork from us ?

Whether you have visited France or not, everybody knows of this place. And it is truly a piece of history that has no match in the world. You can keep looking at this work forever, and you might find some new features every time you zoom in ! On top of this, this artwork will help the animal rescues in Arizona. Win-win !

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Buying this artwork will generate funding for animal shelter in Arizona.

No-Risk Purchase

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your unused item for free (not applicable for downloads)

Artwork with a mission.

Progress Through Photography is a social enterprise. This means we make profit, but utilize this profit towards our social mission: ending animal homelessness. Therefor, 25% of this work and all other works is donated to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, AZ.

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