Come see this ! Artwork of the week: October 26th, 2020

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25% of all sales will be donated to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Welcome to our weekly artwork of the week series that showcases our most unique and popular wall art products. This week we feature one of the many digital artworks in our store: Clouds over the Mosel.

What does this artwork show ?

This artwork can be downloaded for less than $ 10 and will look great on your desktop or as a background for your Zoom meeting. It shows the Moselbend near Bremm.

In 1051, Bremm had its first documentary mention as Brembe.

While cultivating the land in the 1950s, winegrowers reported problems that arose during ploughing due to foundation walls in the ground. Fragments of typically Roman building materials at this time lent further weight to the supposition of Bremm’s Roman origin.

In the Middle Ages, Bremm’s most important landholder was until 1802 the Stuben Augustinian Convent. The first church was mentioned in 1097. The one that stands now was built in the late 15th century; in 1895 it was remodelled and enlarged. Like all the municipality’s foregoing churches, it is consecrated to Saint Lawrence. The lovely Baroque altar from 1630 was sold to Schloss Gondorf at the time of the remodelling, but in 1968 it was bought back for DM 30,000.

In 2002, Bremm was awarded the title “Loveliest Village in Rhineland-Palatinate” in the contest Unser Dorf hat Zukunft (“Our Village Has a Future”).

How was this Moselbend artwork created ?

When I visited this place in 2017, I hiked from the bottom of the valley towards the cross on the top (Kreuz). The view was gorgeous, as you can see in these related artwork. At that time I decided to come to the same place but then for sunrise, the next day at 5am. I arrive the next day, and the fog is so dense that I could not even find my way from the parking lot to the viewpoint. I though all hope on a good shot was lost… I decided to wait it out a little on the bench on the left until like magic, the fog suddenly dissapeared and this gorgeous view presented itself.

Funny anecdote: when I went for a hike later that morning, I ran into two professional photographers that flew in especially from Poland for this place. They weren’t at the top that morning, but at the bottom. Their view was maybe 10 feet… all fog 🙂 sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not !

Why buy this Moselbend artwork from us ?

This view doesn’t repeat itself in this form – the clouds truly make it an unique work. Who doesn’t love to be above the clouds… You can keep looking at this work forever, and you might find some new features every time you zoom in ! On top of this, this artwork will help the animal rescues in Arizona. Win-win !

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Buying this artwork will generate funding for animal shelter in Arizona.

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Artwork with a mission.

Progress Through Photography is a social enterprise. This means we make profit, but utilize this profit towards our social mission: ending animal homelessness. Therefor, 25% of this work and all other works is donated to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, AZ.

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