Our Cold but Wonderful Superstition Mountains Trip

This Thanksgiving, we decided to get away from the crowds and take a family backpacking trip into the Superstition Wilderness close to Apache Junction, Arizona.

Our route

Day 1: From Peralta trailhead over the #104 Dutchman trail to Miners Needle -> Bluff Springs

Day 2: From the campsite South of the Weavers Needle over Peralta Trail back to trailhead.

Total distance: 18 Miles.

Day 1:

We started off pretty easy on the Dutchman Trail, which isn’t as busy as the Peralta trail, which starts at the same trailhead. At the intersection of the Terrapin trail and Dutchman #104 it became clear how destructive the fire a few years back has been. We did get our first glimpse of Weavers Needle though !

After a short break, we continued our Superstition Mountains trip further over the Dutchman trail, into Bluff Springs Canyon. Getting closer to Weavers Needle, we decided that after 10 miles, it was a good time to look for a camping spot at the base of the Needle.

With the daylight fading fast, we made some noodles and coffee and watch the sunset over Weavers Needle. Orval found a great lookout spot to keep guard….

When the sun went down, so did the temperature… within minutes is felt like the cold was setting in.

The moon rose above the ridge line hour later, so there was no time to chill…

2020 Thanksgiving Photoshoot contest

After a 10 hour, cold and sometimes windy night, the sun rose in true Arizona style.

We packed up and continued our way on the Terrapin trail towards the Peralta trail. Suddenly, it wasn’t cold anymore but pretty warm, it’s unbelievable how fast the temperatures change in the Superstitions. We continued on the Terrapin trail towards Black Top Mesa, but bend southwards at the junction with the Dutchman trail. Orval took some time to relax while we were shedding layers.

After 6 hours, and 1800 ft of climbing, we hit the parking lot again and finished this Superstitions Mountains trip – Orval was pooped and rightfully so! It was a great 2 day trip and we’re looking forward to more adventures in the Superstitions !

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  1. Cool hike. I’ve spent a few nights out there myself.
    See my discoveries ove the past 5 years @arizona mother lode on facebook and Instagram.

  2. Nice blog. I could feel the chill as the sun set!

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