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Building an organization that will change the world is an exciting, fulfilling dream but also a long-term and expensive process. Significant investments are needed before we will become profitable and we do not pay ourselves a salary during our scale-up phase.

We gratefully accept all donations to help PTP achieve its mission of ending animal homelessness in Arizona and beyond.

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We sell photography sessions, artwork and commercial photography services.
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Help us by sharing our post, recommending our services and talking about us. The more people know about us, the more pets we can help !

We can't do it alone !

Use the buttons on our homepage to share this site on your social media channels. Following us on Facebook and Instagram. If you are a customer, please leave a review on Facebook, Google or Yelp If you are a customer, share your photos on Instagram and Facebook and ask your friends to follow us ! Refer us to your friends & family: If you refer someone to me, I will pay you $10 for every $100 dollar they spend with Progress Through Photography.
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No great things are ever achieved alone and to grow our impact, we need to grow our team

We can't do it alone !

Do you share our passion for animals and do you want to part of the early phases of a world-changing organization ? We could use the help of people skilled in social media, web development and animal protection law.
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