About Progress Through Photography

Progress Through Photography was founded by Marcel van der Stroom in 2019 to use the power of pet photography to support Phoenix Pet Rescues end animal homelessness in Arizona.

Therefor, Progress Through Photography is a social entrepreneurship. This means that it has a mission bigger than making a profit. Our mission is to end animal homelessness and create a world where all companionship animals have loving forever families.

Because of that mission, a quarter of our revenues of our pet portraits and artwork sales is donated to animal shelters in the Phoenix area.

In order to fund this, Progress Through Photography offers pet photography services in Arizona and sells framed & digital artwork. In addition, we work on commission basis and create custom artwork for our clients.

Because of that, we donate 25% of our revenues to animal related charities in the Phoenix metro area. Receipts of donations will be provided.

We care about Phoenix pet rescues and their countless volunteers. That is why we provide volunteer services to Lost Our Home and create pet portraits for their shelter animals. We are a member of Hearts Speak and help unite art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals.

To emphasize this even more we show some of the reasons why Marcel founded Progress Through Photography.

We love to hear from pet rescues, our customers, partners and others that share the same goal: End Animal Homelessness in the Phoenix valley and beyond.

“Do not underestimate the power of pet photography – when humans and pets work together with the right intent we will create a world where every pet has a loving furrever home”

— Marcel van der Stroom, Founder Progress Through Photography