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You have found the Progress Through Photography Blog – an animal homelessness blog from the Phoenix Metro area.

We blog regularly about the following topics:

  • The Progress Through Photography Academy – focused on prevention of animal homelessness.
  • Featured Artwork – Behind the scenes stories on our artwork
  • Friends of the Pack – some of the awesome things our partners are doing
  • Orval’s Dog2Dog foundation
  • Phoenix Adoptable Pets at animal rescues

All articles are written by Marcel van der Stroom, the Founder & CEO of Progress Through Photography USA LLC, Arizona’s only social pet photographer.

animal homelessness bog
How you can help END for-profit breeding in Arizona.
Table of contentsDescription of the problemPart One: We procure our pets from for-profit organizations while millions of animals are in shelters. Part Two: Ethical and Responsible Dog Breeding does not exist. Part Three: Puppy Mills …
10 gorgeous pet pictures you cannot create with a phone camera.
You may wonder how to take the best photos of your dog or cat. This article explains why taking pictures with your phone camera is not a replacement for professional pet photography. Marcel van der …
Picketpost Loop Hiking
We cannot display this gallery
It’s the most wintery time of the year!
Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email With few options to catch snow and great wintery landscapes here in the valley of the Sun, I deciced to repurpose some old landscape images and …

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