Colors play an important choice in design choices. Per 99Designs, millions of years of biological conditioning have created certain associations between colors and objects or emotions, while some associations may be more recent. Understanding colors will help you make the right choices of artwork for the right occasions.

Black and White artwork

Black and White is can be placed in any décor. It presents a strong contrasts and a less distractions. By removing the color from the image, you will focus on the lines and textures in the image.

Artwork with the color Blue

Per Sensational Colors, the color blue represents the healing nature of water and the power of stormy seas. It’s what separates bodies of land from one another, and it’s a marker of loyalty and fidelity. Blue is relaxing, cool, and will bring calmness in your décor.

Artwork with the color Brown

Brown is often seen as solid, much like the earth and the desert, and it’s a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. Brown is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional, but brown can also be sophisticated.

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Artwork with the color Green

Per SymbolSage, being the color of nature, green is literally all around us. This is one color that people find vitalizing and inspiring in all it’s different hues and is extremely popular all over the world. Green remains one of the most meaningful and symbolic colors. Artwork with the color green will brighten up your rooms and bring the spring inside.

Artwork with the color Orange

As a native Dutch person, I might be biased here, but Orange is my favorite color. Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination. Wow – everybody needs more orange in their house !

Artwork with the color Purple

Purple is a relatively rare and powerful color. Ever since the Middle Ages, it has been the color of the aristocracy. It combines the fiery of the red color and the royalty of the blue color, which is the perfect combination for displaying a level of luxury that the upper classes wanted. It’s even a color that denotes power.

Artwork with the color White

White has many different meanings in different cultures. The color of snow, white is often used to represent coolness and simplicity. Per BourneCreative, the color white promotes feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal, assisting in cleansing, clearing obstacles and clutter, and encouraging the purification of thoughts and actions.

Artwork with the color Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. It’s a happy, youthful color, full of hope and positivity. It’s also a color that grabs your attention immediately.