Artwork for any room

At Progress Through Photography we have artwork by specific dimension that can be printed in different sizes , so they fit perfectly in your home or office.

What is panoramic artwork ?

The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between its width and height. For example:

  • An aspect ratio of 2:1 means the width is 2 times that of its height.
  • The first number represents the width and the second the height.
  • If the photo is 24 inches wide then it’s height is 12 inches.

2:1 Panoramic Artwork

Our 2:1 Panoramic Artwork come in two sizes: 12×24 inch and 16×32 inch. Below is a visualization of the sizes.

The 12×24 inch format is a photo of hot air balloons in Sedona, taken during the Cocodona 250 mile trailrunning race.

The 16×36 inch format is a photo taken at Snowbowl Ski Resort in Flagstaff, AZ during the fall in 2020.

But there is no need to stick to horizontal photos – a vertical photograph works great in a narrow hallway or a small wall, as you can see here. The photograph below and others can be found in our collection of vertical artwork.

3:1 Panoramic Artwork

Our 3:1 Panoramic Artwork come in three sizes: one frame of 12×36 inches, 10×32 – a collection of four 8×10 frames and 20×64 a collection of four 16×20 frames. Below is a visualization of the sizes.

12×36 inch frame
Four 16×20 Frames

Rectangular Artwork

We have also the more standard 8×10 and 16×20 formats which can either be mounted horizontal on vertical.

Square Artwork

Combine a series of artwork in multiple square frames, size 12×12. Great for patterns on a wall, showing multiple views of a similar scene.