Our panoramic artwork is printed and framed in our Tempe, Arizona studio. We use Millbrook frames sourced from Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe. We print using a professional grade Epson P800 printer with fine arts paper, ensuring the best quality that will last over 20 years.

panoramic artwork

Domestic Shipping in the lower 48 States is included in the price.

What is a panoramic artwork?

Per Wikipedia, the word “panorama“, a portmanteau of the Greek words ‘pano’ (all) and ‘horama’ (view), was coined by the Irish painter Robert Barker in 1787.[1] While walking on Calton Hill overlooking Edinburgh, the idea struck him and he obtained a patent for it the same year.

Our Panoramas are made in multiple different dimensions: From 2:1 (the long side is twice as long as the short side) all the way up to 6:1

How our panoramas are created

With digital photography, the most common method for producing panoramas is to take a series of pictures and stitch them together. We do this so that the number of pixel in the photo is sufficient to print it very large – giving you a gorgeous, large and still detailed panorama to look at.