Commercial Photography

At Progress Trough Photography we offer commercial photography services for small and medium sized companies across Arizona. We have worked with veterinarian offices, animal rescue organizations, personal trainers and race organizers.

Why choose Commercial Photography for your organization ?

Often, your website is the first thing your customers see of your brand. Having the right high-quality images that align with your brand will ensure it is not the last ! Providing a clean visual representation of your organization is key. Presenting your business visually and consistently will give your company a more professional image, increasing the trust that your clients have in you.

Yes, your phone camera has a pretty good sensor nowadays, but there are many things that you cannot do with it – hiring a professional with professional hardware is the right way to go. See 10 gorgeous pet pictures you cannot create with a phone camera.

Why choose Progress Through Photography for you commercial photography in Arizona ?

We are a social entrepreneurship, founded with the mission to combat animal homelessness in Arizona.

Commercial Quality


Our Photographers are certified by the Professional Photographer of America association – ensuring the highest quality photography.

Up to date knowledge

on Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is in continuous development. Our content marketing consultants have state-of-the art knowledge from the ASU Walter Cronkite schools Digital Audience Strategy Program.

Support causes

close to your companies mission

We understand your company is all about the animals and we share that vision. Progress Through Photography is a social entrepreneurship – we donate 25% of our revenue to animal shelters and our main mission is to eliminate pet homelessness in Arizona.

No need for transfer

of knowledge between agencies

Hiring different agencies for campaign development and execution can be very inefficient and expensive . We are your one-stops-shop, offering visual marketing services from idea to strategy to execution – no need for expensive transfer of knowledge between agencies.

What services do we offer ?

Commercial Photography Services for your your company / office space & behind the scenes photography – across Arizona.

Head shots / Staff Photos for website & social media presence.

Photography for advertising material (flyers, brochures, etc.).

Product Photography for you e-commerce applications.

On-location Photography services for your event / clients.

See our Portfolio for more examples.

What are the costs ?

Due to the highly customizable nature of the type of work, we don’t offer a standard pricing menu for our commercial services but will consult with you and then provide a quote based on the requirements, time and labor necessary to complete the project.