AZ Dane Army Meetup Oct 25th

We love to photograph for dog clubs in Arizona. It was a blast to see all the Great Danes today ! If you are interested in a photo – send me a message on

Prices: One Photo $ 15, Two Photos $25, $10 for every photo afterwards. Learn more about our group events.

At Progress Through Photography, we offer photography services for all dog clubs in Arizona. Whether you are an informal club or a serious breed club, we can offer the best quality photos of your events while allowing you to raise money for the animal rescue charities in Arizona.

dog club arizona

Why select us for your next dog club event in Arizona ?

1. It is a very cost-efficient way to acquire professional grade pictures for your members – further strengthening the value of your membership. 

2. The better the pictures, the more they are shared on social media, further strengthening the name recognition and helping the growth of your club. 

3. As 25% of the revenues are donated, this is a great way to give back to the community together and help out organizations that care about rescue dogs, further strengthening the camaraderie in your club.  

We do not charge any fixed payment. After the event we place images online and available for download on a secure section part of our website. Your members will see the photos with our watermark on them and are free to decide if they want to purchase them at that time.  If there are over 10 dogs, I can offer edited digital pictures for $ 15 per file (25% off list) and 15% of prints & framed artwork.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

25% of all sales will be donated to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue