A flying dog ??

Some of us humans, including this photographer, think running is fun. And we have only two legs. Can you imagine how fun it is for our furry friends ? At Progress Through Photography, we capture your natural born canine athlete in his or her element – at full speed.

Which dogs can we photograph?

Pretty much every dog who runs, looks good on camera. However, to make the session a success, it is important that the dog:

  • is able to sit and stay
  • is able to run towards his or her handler on command
  • is able to not get too distracted while running (did someone say ‘squirrel’?)

This is important not just from a artistic perspective, but also for safety reasons.

How does a session work and what are the costs of a running dog session?

All our sessions have the same price – $199 for a one-hour session. For this specific type of session, it is most important to have it take place in a safe environment for the dog, the dog parent and the photographer. Therefor it is not recommended to photograph dogs at full speed on narrow desert trails with lots of cactuses to step in. Soft, wide fire roads look the best and also feel better on your dogs paws.

While not the most scenic option, the a wide open field in the valley could work, or if you are willing to travel a little a forest area outside the valley. As the distance to the session could be more than our standard 25 miles it is possible that there is an add-on cost for additional mileage.