dog portrait sessions

Dog Portrait Sessions are not a new thing

Dog photography portrait sessions have been around since we had two things: Pets and Photo Cameras. The first photo of a pet was credited to Louis Auguste-Bisson. It wasn’t as easy though. The pet had to be really still (sleeping maybe?) and the light had to be just perfect to make an exposure in 10 seconds.

Dog Portrait Sessions

All our dog portrait sessions are $199, include travel within 25 miles of Tempe and will last one hour. We facilitate the location where your dog feels most comfortable – whether it’s the trail, the backyard or the couch.

Studio or Outdoor

Our mobile studio offers the best control over light and can provide the crispest detail of all the awesome features of your best buddy. We have backdrops with many colors to create a professional, eye-catching dog portrait. But we are not constrained to the indoors – a lot of our clients go to South Mountain or another scenic area that the Phoenix metro area has to offer to catch the sunset or sunrise.

How to prepare

All dogs are different, and some just sit, tilt their head and love to be photographed. Others, not so much. Read our article on how to prepare for a dog portrait session.

Want to book a portrait session? Check out our pricing and schedule a session below: