You have found the Progress Through Photography Blog – an animal homelessness blog from the Phoenix Metro area. Our mission is to use the power of photography to end animal homelessness.

Our focus is on the underlying, structural and systemic reasons that drive and force people to surrender pets and pets to become homeless. Addressing these “big picture ” drivers will ultimately end animal homelessness. 

The Big Picture – the systemic drivers of animal homelessness consist of:

  • Commerce: The existence of for profit breeding.
  • Consumerist Behavior: Impulsive Decision making when ‘acquiring’ pets
  • Costs: High Cost of Medical Care
  • Capacity: Shortage of Foster Parents
  • Control of reproduction: Spaying and Neutering to prevent increase in population
  • Cohesive Families: Families are torn apart by landlords who do not allow pets in rental housing
  • Civic Engagement: Need for improved education and enhanced animal protection / abuse laws.

Check out the PTP Academy to learn what you can do to end animal homelessness.

We blog regularly about the following topics:

  • The Progress Through Photography Academy – focused on prevention of animal homelessness.
  • Featured Artwork – Behind the scenes stories on our artwork
  • Friends of the Pack – some of the awesome things our partners are doing

All articles are written by our founder Marcel van der Stroom, 

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