As many people have asked:

Update Tuesday, Nov 16th, 1030am : All photos have been uploaded.

25% of the revenue of these photos will go to the Arizona Border Collie Rescue !

Event Special Pricing for images:

Agility Digital downloads: $ 4.99

Portrait Digital downloads: $ 9.99

5×7 Print on matte or glossy paper: $ 9.99

8×10 Print on matte or glossy paper: $ 19.99

16×20 Print on matte or glossy paper: $ 29.99

Bulk Price for agility photos.

Please contact me directly via email or phone 4806943464 if you are interested in buying more than 3 digital agility photos. When you purchase 3 agility photos, you will get the rest of the unedited agility photos of your dog for free. You will pay maximum $ 15 for digital agility photos.

Portrait shots are not covered in the bulk pricing.

Some nuance on our position on for-profit breeding.

Progress Through Photography is a social enterprise and its mission is to help reduce the problem of pet homelessness. Our general position is that if we want to reduce the number of pets in shelters, it is better to adopt rather than shop. We believe in this to save the lives of the dogs in the shelters and to reduce the number of unethical breeders that place profit over the dogs comfort, health and safety. (aka puppy mills).

This does not apply to all cases though, including dogs specifically bred for agility sports: we understand that certain trait specific lines are necessary and in high demand for herding, performance sports, law enforcement, service and the breeders working in these areas are often very responsible, ethical and have tremendous love for their dogs, just as the handlers of the dogs who purchase them from the breeders.

However, if you are in the market for a companion animal that does not require a specific line of heritage, please go to your local rescue first.