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The 2 Billion dollar a year question: Why is there animal homelessness ?

Why is there animal homelessness ? At Progress Through Photography, our MISSION is to create a world where every pet has a loving forever home. We will start locally, in our home state of Arizona. While there are a lot of great organizations that support the pets in current and dire need, our focus is on the systemic reasons in the USA.

At the core of our mission is to educate the general public about the Big SevenSeven Reasons for Animal Homelessness in America.

We believe that an educated public is more empowered, more empathetic and more capable of taking care of companionship animals. This will not only benefit the animals, but the society at large.

why is there animal homelessness ?

Other Organizations that help educate:

Over time, we will be building an action-oriented curriculum that will teach you the underlying systemic causes of animal homelessness, what you can do to help reduce the animal homelessness in your city or state. While we are in the process of building our course library, check out these below sites that have great material.

The Arizona Humane Society – see their education page.

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