Our mission: the power of pet photography

As an animal lover and photographer I believe in the power of pet photography to help eliminate animal homelessness in Arizona.

Based on data from the humane society, there are 30-40 million stray cats and according to the ASPCA over 6.5 million dogs & cats enter animal shelters across the US annually.

We believe in a world where every dog and cat has a loving furrever home.

Marcel van der Stroom, Founder PTP

Why do we care about animal homelessness and why should you?

At Progress Through Photography, we believe that the world will be a better place when every dog and cat has a furrever family. For both pets and their people !

We, humans, created this problem. Some dogs and cats are very smart, but they’ll need us to solve animal homelessness.

According to Harvard Medical School, sharing your life with pets will improve your physical and mental health. Not convinced yet? See this great article that list over hundred benefits of being a dog parent.

In 2019, the estimated cost of running animal shelters in the USA was over $ 2 BILLION !

What do we do to solve the problem ?

  1. Provide Funding in form of donations to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, which focuses on keeping families together.
  2. Help shelters in Arizona to place adoptable pets faster by volunteering as photographers and content marketing specialists.
  3. Educate pet owners and the general public and amplify the voices of animal shelters / advocates, making them more effective in achieving their missions.

How do we fund this?

We sell downloads and artwork, pet photography sessions. Your help is critical to make us succeed in many ways !