On-location or Studio Pet Portraits

Mobile Photo Studio across Arizona

We take our professional photo studio to anywhere in Arizona and take intimate studio portraits of your cat, dog, reptile or any other pet ! We will provide backgrounds, lighting, camera equipment for your event – at your location.

Full control over light yields the best results.

While Arizona provides its fair share of gorgeous natural backdrops, sometimes there is a need to provide a clean, white backdrop to be able to completely focus on the subject. In our mobile photo studio, we are able to completely reduce the impact of natural light and build a picture based on artificial strobe or continuous lights, anywhere in Arizona.

Specialty Shoots – anything is possible.

Whether it is freeze high-speed motion during a treat catching session, or if it is make a composite of many different subjects, the opportunities for photographic creativity are endless. We are able to create high-key imaging, dramatic low key portraits and have extensive experience in compositing subjects in Photoshop and other latest technology.

Sessions are easy and fun but even better with the right preparation .

Photography on your desired location

We come to your desired location within whether it is your home, office or other location. (surcharge for > 25 miles from Tempe)

Personal consultation over Zoom

We want to get to know you prior to the session. We will contact you on Zoom to discuss your goals.

A Donation to Lost Our Home

We support animals rescues in AZ. All packages include a 25% donation to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe.

You are in the driver seat

If you have specific requests regarding editing or style, we will listen and work with your requirements.

Professional Product

All sessions use professional camera & lighting equipment.

Photo Editing

Packages include basic editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.