Photo shoot Process

Pet Photography photo shoots are fun and easy. Below you will find the process. If you rather have an info graphic, use the download button.

Step 1: Schedule your photo shoot

Step 2: Tell us what you like and don’t like.

You are the customer so you determine what you want and not want. Think about location, photo style, specifics about your dog or cat. If you want to trust our creative instincts, that’s fine too ! We will send you an invite for a zoom call so we can discuss the specifics of the session. Read more on how to prepare for a photo shoot.

Step 3: The actual photo session

This is described in detail here.

Step 4: Select your package and receive your photos / artwork.

After the session, allow 1-2 days for us to edit and upload the photos. Once they have been uploaded, we will send you a link to a secure & private page on this site. The images there will have a watermark on it. Based on your package, you can download a number of photos without watermark for free or pay for additional downloads. If you have a package with prints or framed artwork, we will contact you to ask you which photos you want to have framed printed. This will take another 1-3 days. Shipping or delivery is included in the package price.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your awesome photos and share them with friends and family ! Please also take the time to give us a review on Facebook, Google or Yelp.