You probably don’t schedule professional photo sessions for your dog every day. While a session is fun and easy, the results are always better when you and your dog are prepared. Below are some of the key tips on how to prepare for dog photography session.

Firstly, If your photo session is taking place in a park or public place, be sure to leave ample time for parking. If somehow, you are running late, please text me on 480-694-3464.

Secondly, bring your dogs favorite snacks or toys. Some dogs love attention and stranger, or worse, a stranger with a camera and weird lights. Some dogs, not so much. Therefor, please bring something that your dog feels comfortable with during the photo session, like his favorite squeeky or some peanut butter snacks.

And thirdly, if you have brand ambassadorships or sell affiliate items, like leashes, collars or bandanas, please bring them to the session. Together we can incorporate them in the photo session and create exposure for your brand connections and help you reach your goals.

Finally: Don’t Worry. We work with a lot of factors outside of our control, like weather, your dogs mood that day, other dogs and people that might come by, but we have done this before and we will make it a success. Therefor, with the tips above, you can be sure you are prepared for any dog photography session