Social Media Audit

Introducing CrowdTangle Intelligence
At PTP we offer a wide range of social media audit services.

Why should you carry out a Social Media Audit ?

“Social Media is not a goal in itself but should be a tool to reach your organizations business objectives. Therefor it is important to determine if the efforts that you invest in social media actually help you achieve those business objectives.”

Marcel van der Stroom, Founder PTP USA

Social Media is costly even when you do not outsource your social media management. Executing the wrong strategy or being present on the wrong social media platforms results in wasted money. Our audits help your organization to focus on the right goals and maximize the social media ROI. A competitor benchmark will teach you what works (and doesn’t work) for organizations in the same industry and give you insight in how to further develop your social media platform strategies.

What steps are taken in a Social Media Audit ?

1. Internal Assessment

Interviews with key staff, policy review, organizational structure review.

2. Account Assessment

Determine effectiveness and health of social media channel

3. Competitive Benchmark

Determine how your organization performs vs. the competition and industry leaders.

4. Reporting Conclusions

Deliver data driven, actionable recommendations to improve your social media presence.

What deliverables will you receive ?

Face-to-face or video-conferencing sessions during the audit and to present the outcome & recommendations of the audit.

PDF Social Media Audit document containing an overview of current channel effectiveness & health, a social media SWOT analysis and overview of link between Business Objectives and Social Media Goals.

Competition & Industry Benchmark – learn what works and doesn’t work for your competition and the industry leaders.

We will deliver CrowdTangle dashboards for your organization to continue to build on your new-gained insights from the social media audit.

Delivery of the outcome of the social media audit in (remote) presentation form and PDF.

Why choose us ?

We are a social enterprise and donate 25% of our revenues to animal related charities in the Phoenix Metro Area. We have extensive experience in supporting the pet and animal rescue industry with marketing services ranging from photography to inbound marketing support.

Our social media consultants are educated in Arizona at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism – focusing on Mass Communication and Digital Audience Strategy.

What is the prices of our social media services ?

We have multiple packages that fit your organizations size and budget. Our modular products will provide you with the flexibility that your organization needs.

Our audits are priced fairly and yield a very high-return on investment. The price of an audit for your first social media account is $399. Subsequent accounts are $229. Contact us to receive a quotation for a package of multiple social media accounts. Learn more about our add-on products.

If you rather purchase individual components, the prices are as following:

  1. Internal Assessment (Interviews / SWOT Analysis / Social Media Policies) – $ 149
  2. Crowdtangle Account Assesment – $ 119
  3. Competitor Benchmark – $ 99
  4. Opportunities for improvement / Strategic Initiatives – $ 149

Contact to receive a custom quotation.